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Everything I do as a designer begins with research. Research allows me to design from an informed and knowledgeable starting point. I use a variety of tools to obtain the information I need, from having clients fill out questionnaires and company profiles to researching the client's market and business online and in trade journals and magazines. I research what the client's competitors are doing, and I learn how the client's product or service is currently being marketed and advertised. Through this process, I create far more useful and practical concepts, and I can be confident that I am designing not only a creative and versatile tool, but also an effective tool for the client.

I like to solve design problems with simple, utilitarian solutions, and avoid involving large corporate third party vendors,
if at all possible. When I use local, independent vendors, printers, and merchants, the results of my work are far more tangible and satisfying to both the client and myself, because I'm able to interact personally with everyone involved in
the project, and ensure that the client's goals are achieved.

I target my freelance work to people, businesses, and organizations I see trying to improve our community. I spent much of my childhood and early adulthood in the Fall River Public Library exploring and interacting with my fellow citizens. I believe these experiences fostered a sense of community belonging in me, and I would like my work to have a positive influence and help to improve my local surroundings.

As I continue to grow and evolve as a designer, I don't want to limit myself to what I'm comfortable with. Much of my current work has been print advertisement or identities, and while I enjoy doing this type of design, I would like to do
more interactive and installation design in the future. Regardless of which direction I choose, I want my local-oriented, independent-minded, approach to design to flow through my work.


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